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Ringtones and Ringback Tones
Ringback ringtones, ringtones, ringbacks for your phone. RING, RING, RING, What Are All These? They are ways of making your communications personal, show that you are an individual and are a method of entertainment. First you have to understand the difference before you entertain yourself in the hot pursuit of finding them. Ringtones are the sounds that your cell or mobile phone makes when you are receiving a call. Most come preloaded with a selection of tunes. If you don’t like those, there are plenty of free ringtones that you can download from anywhere or you can download software to make your own. You can subscribe to services to get them through your phone provider of course. Ringback ringtones, ringback tones or ringbacks are sounds that you choose for a caller to hear while they are waiting for you to answer their call. Mobile subscribers who reported purchasing a ringback tone increased 69% from February 2007 to February 2008, according to data from M:Metrics.

Ringback Tones

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